Welcome to our bridge festival!

Dear Pula players,

You asked many times during the last month if we are going to cancel Pula festival. I am touched that Pula, for so many of you, seems like light on the horizon, something that you can look forward to after this tremendous shit is over.

I can promise you, that I will not withdraw until I am certain there is no other option. I know that WBF and EBL cancelled their mayor events that were supposed to be held at similar dates as Pula. However, neither they, nor I, can predict the future, it is still over four months until then and I am not willing to take premature decisions just to stay on a safe side. You know, at the moment, decision could only be to cancel, as no one can be 100% sure that it will be possible to hold an event.

Here is my standpoint: if the borders will be open and if sports events and festivals of this kind will be permitted, YES we will go on. Pula festival had encountered many difficult challenges, including smallpox outbreak in ex-Yugoslavia in the ‘70s and homeland war in the ‘90s – we carried on every single year. Croatia at the moment is one of the safest countries in EU, and we hope that safety measures along with summer climate will slow down the virus in other countries too. There are practically no new cases in China and South Korea now and I hope other countries will follow the same path. We hope that life will start to return to normal soon and that by September it will be safe to organize events like Pula. I will stay in touch with you, inform you as soon as I have any new information, and my team is doing everything as the festival is going to be held.

For now, thank you so much for staying home, keeping social distance and doing your best to enable bridge tournaments in the future.

Tihana Brkljačić