Tournament manager Tihana with our TDs 🙂
Ton Kooijman (The Netherlands), Magyar Ádám (Hungary), Slawek Latala Chief (Poland), Marc van Beijsterveld (The Netherlands), Tihana Brkljačić General Manager (Croatia), Aleksander Krych (Poland), Matt Koltnow (USA), Herman De Wael (Belgium), Kuba Kasprzak (Poland)


This picture was taken before Festival started, that’s why we are all smiling, we don’t know what’s ahead of us 🙂


This picture was taken after the festival ended, that’s why we are all smiling, one more year of hard work is behind us 🙂


One more with our manager Tihana. If you recognize anyone from this picture and you have some questions or suggestions, when you see us plz fire away, we are here to make your holiday here unforgettable 🙂