Some of our guests like to have all things arranged before they arrive and therefore we made these special all-inclusive offers. All offers include accommodation and entries to the tournaments, many gadgets, transport arrangements, most of them also include meals, and some other facilities.

If you wish to book one of these offers, just send e-mail to, and I will make booking for you, and discuss all the issues (pick-up arrangement, details about accommodation and events).  No prepayment is needed, and tournament manager guarantees for it, so after you get reply it is confirmed. You can pay in cash when you arrive to Pula and see everything is OK.

However, if you wish to organize things on your own, visit our accommodation page to pick up what you prefer. Just send me e-mail ( to book accommodation you prefer, and about other things (entries for the tournament, trips, parties, etc.) you can decide when you arrive. We will be there to help you.

Here you can also find some other discounts and promotion prizes.