Why should you come to Pula

Affordable accommodation…. You can get accommodation from about 7 Euro person/day!

Direct cheap flights… from London, Moscow, Oslo, Glasgow, Dublin and other European cities (check Ryanair, Flyglobespan, Monarch and Norwegian Air Shuttle as well as charter flights from other cities).

Appealing prizes… With entries of 20 Euro/day prizes are:
First place in open teams: 4,000 Euro; The winner of open pairs: 3,000 Euro;
Total fond of over 40,000 Euro; Special prizes in different categories & The best player of the festival

It is the biggest festival in this part of Europe with…
close to 300 pairs; over 100 teams; players from more than 35 countries visited Pula last year!

Well organized with: bi-daily bulletin “Goodmorning Bridge”; Live broadcast on BBO; International TD-s from various European countries; Efficient and friendly staff and computing team.

Great surroundings… Bridge, sea, sun – perfect holidays on the Adriatic coast in a 3000 years old city from Roman times. The venue is in one of the best Croatian hotels (Histria) that offers luxurious accommodation. Bungalows are perfect for those who come with their families and want domestic atmosphere. Many different sport facilities (tennis, bowling, table tennis, squash etc.) are available, as well as swimming and sunbathing on the coast or swimming pools.

You can meet many interesting players here from all around Europe, and some real stars as well. For instance in last few years these players have played at the Pula festival: Experts from Poland… Ewa Harasimowicz, Ewa Miszewska, Malgorzata Pasternak, Apolinary Kowalski, Piotr Bizon, Marcin Lesniewski, Andrzej Wilkosz, Henryk Wolny, Jacek Pszczola, Cezary Balicki Bulgaria… Steliana Ivanova, Dessy Popova, Roumen Trendafilov, Kalin Karainvanov, Jerry Stamatov, Vladimir Mihov, Ivan Nanev, Rosen Gounev Hungary… Laszlo Szilagyi, Laszlo Honti, Gabor Winkler, Gyorgy Szalay, Lajos Linczmayer, Miklos Dumbovich, Geza Szappanosz, Peter Gal, Danny Vikor Austria… Doris Fischer, Jovi Smederevac, Terry Weigkricht, Tino Terraneo, Josef Simon, Andreas Babsch, Sascha Wernle, Martin Schifko, Brend Saurer, Sylvia Terraneo, Franz Terraneo, Jan Fucik and other countries….P.O. Sundelin of Sweden, Terje Aa of Norway, Paul&Jason&Justin Hacket of England, Maria Lebedeva, Y. Khokhlov and Georgi Matushko of Russia, Franco Cedolin of Italy, Haig Tchamitch of Lebanon.

Terje Aa: Pula festival is one of my favorites. Really nice place for the whole family. Bridge from 3 pm in a friendly atmosphere and beautiful Adriatic sea with sun.
Jacek Pszscola: If you’d like to have great time when the summer is close to finish just go to Pula, it’s really nice place but you have to know few things: you should prepare yourself very hard, hanging around the bar until 6am, nobody sleeps, beside this you also can play bridge. TOUGH TOURNAMENT!!!
Laszlo Szilagyi: I’m one of the always returning visitors and participants of the Pula Bridge Festival, for a couple of decades. Even my family accompanied me some times. Nice climate, see, sports and at last but not least: big and strong field to play the Game.
Jerry Stamatov: For 15 years international bridge experience, Pula has become a preferable tournament for me: high level bridge, brilliant organization, a lot of surrounding facilities…nice opportunity to combine all my favorite things to play bridge and relax from work with friends and family.
Tino Terraneo: Pula is the perfect place to round off the summer – a week with big and challenging tournaments, well organized, in a marvelous surrounding. Pula became a fix date in my calendar.