Rules for the festival

  • Face-Masks are obligatory at the Congress Center – please bring enough to the festival. It should cover both mouth & nose. Consider investing in a higher-quality mask – one that allows easier breathing.
  • Only registered players will be allowed at the venue: The Congress Center of hotel Histria (left side of hotel Park Plaza Histria).
  • Players who do not stay at Histria will be allowed only at the Congress Center and not to the other parts of the hotel, as hotel is not open for anyone but its guests.
  • Don’t worry – We will have a bar at the Congress center ☺
  • However, drinking/eating will not be allowed at the playing area (masks).
  • There will be tables/chairs in front of Histria only for the attenders of the Festival.
  • Sterilizing hands is obligatory before every round. Sterilizers will be at every table. 
  • During the breaks go to the fresh air.
  • Kibitzers are not allowed at any tournament. Players who do not play a specific tournament are not allowed at the venue. 
  • Every registered player will get his own personalized bidding box for the whole festival. Bidding box will wait for you at your table at the first tournament you will play. You should return the bidding box after the last tournament you play. In the meanwhile you are responsible for its safety. It would be perfect if some of you can bring their own bidding boxes. 
  • Link to registration, positions, results and all information will be published only at – to avoid the crowds in front of screens. Please check this page regularly for possible changes of schedule or other important information.
  • Body temperature will be measured whenever player enters the venue, players with increased body temperature will not be allowed to enter the venue (37.2 or higher). Sun and physical activity may increase your body temperature. Before entering the venue give yourself few minutes to relax.
  • Players should measure their body temperature every morning (please bring thermometers), and fill in in the online document provided by organizers. Please do not leave the accommodation if the temperature is 37.2 or higher.
  • We count on your responsibility not to participate at tournaments in case you do not feel well, even if your temperature is normal – please stay responsible!
  • Tournaments will start without any delay – it is necessary because we have to have one hour between the tournaments for ventilation.
  • Do not kiss and hug ☹. Keep distance of at least 1.5 meters. Please be responsible!

General Covid-19 related rules in Croatia: 

  • Use a mask for the nose and mouth whenever indoors or in public transport. 
  • It may be a good idea to get a high quality mask that allows easier breathing
  • During communication maintain physical distance from other persons (minimum 1.5 meters). 
  • Spend time outside as much as possible.
  • Wash hands as often as possible with warm water and soap 
  • Use a hand disinfectant that needs to be rubbed in the palms 
  • Avoid touching the face, mouth, nose and eyes. 
  • Please try to meet as few people as possible and ensure a physical distance of 1.5 meters 
  • Measure the body temperature every morning – if it is higher than 37.2C, the measurement should be repeated after 10 minutes, and if the temperature is higher than 37.2 C it is necessary to stay at home/in accommodation and contact a doctor in a tourist or COVID-19 infirmary or a territorially responsible epidemiologist. 
  • In case of symptoms of acute respiratory infection (cough, sore throat, fever, short breathing/difficulty or loss of smell), it is necessary to stay in accommodation and contact a doctor in a tourist or A COVID-19 infirmary or a territorially responsible epidemiologist. 
  • In case of sudden onset of severe, life-threatening symptoms, contact emergency medical service at 194.