Horizont Golden Rocks Resort

The Horizont Golden Rocks Resort is the perfect place for a family holiday. The self catering apartments make the ideal choice for guests traveling with children – since they provide comfortable, spacious accommodation and the option to come and go as you please. The Horizont Golden Rocks resort Croatia enjoys an idyllic situation, set amidst lush green Mediterranean greenery, on the beautiful Adriatic coast. Guests are afforded great views over the nearby peninsula, and can enjoy relaxing on the gently sloping pristine beaches, as well as swim in the crystal clear waters. The Horizont Golden Rocks Resort is also packed with scenic paths and trails – along with a seaside promenade – just perfect for an evening stroll. The scent of pine trees, and fine natural attractions will be some of the memories to take home from a Croatia holiday here.

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OBJECT Type Daily rent
04.09.2020. – 12.09.2020.
HORIZONT BP2-3 37,00 €
BP2-4 44,00 €
BPX2-4 sea side 51,00 €
BP4-6 55,00 €
12.09.2020. –
HORIZONT BP2-3 28,00 €
BP2-4 31,00 €
BPX2-4 sea side 33,00 €
BP4-6 36,00 €