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  • Venue is hotel Brioni.
  • You’ve probably already heard, this year we are moving the tournament to hotel Brioni. Brioni suits us better because it is much more affordable (2-3 times) than Histria. Even more important, Brioni is much more friendly towards bridge players and offers us lot of space for playing, and last but certainly not the least, Brioni will allow us to stay after the games and bar will be open. It is closer than Histria to Horizont, Splendid, Verudela Beach and Park Plaza Arena. But even from Histria or Park Plaza Verudela it is less than 15 minutes walk. Brioni is by far best buy, over 200 players stayed there last year. Brioni is far from fancy hotel, but rooms are clean, sea view it is magnificent (by far more seaish than Histria), food is good and you even get free wine/beer with your dinner. We managed quite a big discount for bridge players, so I strongly recommend this place! Two persons, eight nights, half board, less than 700 euro for both! Yes, I will stay there too. But be careful, as so many of us will stay there, to get some night sleep you better book park side – I hope terrace above the sea will be crowded with bridge players after the tournament.

Walking distance from Brioni:

  • Park Plaza Arena 3 minutes
  • Verudela Beach 5 minutes
  • Park Plaza Verudela 12 minutes
  • Park Plaza Histria/Wing 15 minutes
  • Horizont 20 minutes
  • Splendid 20 minutes
Hotel Brioni From: 39,00 € Hotel Arena From: 82,00 €
Verudela Beach From: 55,00 € Park Plaza Verudela From: 54,00 €
Park Plaza Histria From: 86,50 € Histria Wing From: 82,00 €
Horizont From: 36,00 € Splendid From: 52,00 €